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Why is Important for Your Fashion Statement If You Are a Fashionista?

If you are looking for a best shopping store online that can interest you then is the best one for you. Online and private shopping has hit the market now-a-days and most of the people shop online today. This is yet another shopping site apart from where members only can access the products.

shopping club

This private shopping-club has wide range of accessories to offer you. All of them are branded and proven to the best of your taste. They have:

  • Branded and designer menswear, women wear, kids wear that are eye catching owing to their price and product.
  • There are home accessories that one can choose from a wide range of home items online.
  • There are decor items for office, home, kitchen etc.
  • There are lighting items, candles, ruggings and gifts range.
  • There are items of bedding and bathing too at great discounts.

All these products are heavily branded and members-only have the power to access them. There is a surprise package here too as is the site that provides you a holiday destination also. They have tie ups with travelling company Jetsetter where those who are members can enjoy best deals and discounts on accommodation and travelling anywhere. You have the power to book your favourite holiday spot anywhere in the globe and enjoy exclusive discounts in this shopping club.

What is the best deal here? offers you another outlook where they offer you %% discount if you recommend your friend and you both shop there. Both of you will get this discount. This voucher is valid in for any purchases you make further and enjoy shopping even more in this shopping club.

There is an interesting thing to note here. will notify you any product that you missed out for low stock. You can keep yourself in the waiting list for your product and this site will ping you whenever the discount or the product comes up.

How is shopping made easier here?

The private shopping-club makes shopping easier by:

  • Being a member you can carry and add five items in your shopping cart online in
  • You have ample time to decide whether to buy the item or not and you can carry on to the next deal. This makes shopping easier and gives you time to think which products are the ones you actually need and which you do not need.
  • There is no risk and ample choice.

There are immense sale options and sale here mostly starts at 12p.m. on Mondays till Saturday. Wednesday and Saturday provides sale up to 9 p.m. also. There is upgrading of items every time and every week has new sales for you. The site offers shipping internationally too and it all happens through BorderFree shipping company.

There is another surprise for you. A gift finder tool is added here which helps you find the exact gift for your loved ones and within your budget too. If you are confused this will help you to find it. So members-only click the site and get exclusive discounts till 60% on the items!!

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