Zalando Lounge – Shopping Club

Zalando Lounge ( &, one of the most successful shopping clubs for fashion and lifestyle brands, was opened in 2010 by Zalando, Europe’s leading platform for fashion. After a strong launch in Germany and Austria, Zalando Lounge has been successfully operating in ten other European countries, such as Italy, France and Sweden, to name just a few, since 2011.

Zalando Lounge ( & offers coveted brands at discounts of up to 80% (UK)//75% (COM) to registered members only. New, time-limited sales promotions featuring products of well-known fashion and lifestyle brands go online every day and are then available for three to five days. Depending on the season, Zalando Lounge offers attractive specials or end-of-season sales, such as campaigns featuring select Christmas gifts or items to get you summer-ready at the end of winter, in addition to the regular sales promotions.

It only takes a quick and easy click to save advertised promotions to Microsoft Outlook. In order to enhance your shopping experience even further, you can download the Zalando Lounge app ( & for iOS and Android.

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