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Why is Attracting Most of the Customers in the Market?

The online shopping site creating rage in the market is attracting a lot of customers because of its powerful and wonderful shopping facilities online. You need to be a member in order to get the facilities they provide here. But you can only be their member if they send you invitation and this can be possible if you mail them that you want to be their member.

This shopping club mainly focuses on fashion items such as: Footwear, Dresses, Jewellery, Bags, Menswear, Sunglasses, Watches…

shopping club

There are many more items that are needed in your fashion management in daily basis. The is private shopping-club where the members can get access to some exclusive and leading shopping destinations and brands. You will get designer materials up to 80% cheap rates. There are many registered members who are allowed this facility.

There are many new fashion quotients coming up each day here and there are many products in their stock so there is no fear of being out of stock in this shopping club. Delivery is made within few days and you do not have to wait for your product.

How is the membership done? is the site where after invitation you can be a member of theclub. The member who is already transacting here can invite other members- only. When the site gets your mail, they decide whether to take you as their member. In this way they maintain their standards as well.

The advantages of being their member:

  • You have the privilege to get access to the best brands made by best designers of today. Clothes of women, men and children wear can be found here in large stocks.
  • Discounts are there at attractive rates but you have to be their member for that.
  • No, don’t worry of being old fashioned because every day they are upgrading their fashion trends and stocks. You will have new deals and exclusive clothes to buy here.
  • The delivery made here is very fast within few days. So you can wear your clothes very soon after delivery. They deliver their products to Germany, England, Austria and they will soon allow expansion to Netherlands and France also.
  • The registration after being member of the site is free and there will never be any risk after you become their member. They will never pressurize you to buy their products. You can browse and see what are the new arrivals and the discounts and can shop later.
  • Payments done here are simple and very easy. The private-shopping club allows payments by credit through MasterCard, by American Express or by Visa also. You can pay your deliveries through transfer of bank if you have accounts in Germany.

Now that you know their advantages you can now send a mail to them. Members-only have access to their best offers and you can be their member at any time!!

Membership is available by invitation only from someone who has already made a purchase from this private shopping club. To get your invitation simply leave a comment with your email address included. Your invitation will then be sent to the address that you provide.

invatation to join:

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